Fingermae prove their Cat Is The Best Cat on punchy new track

Sydney’s jazz punk outfit Fingermae always seem to make music which is full of fun, never taking itself too seriously.

The trio’s latest release My Cat Is The Best Cat, does exactly that and is the perfect ode to lead singer Sally’s loveable fur child, Morgan.

FingermaeMy Cat Is The Best Cat combines playful lyricism with a catchy sound reminiscent of sunny Americana, creating a track that gets stuck in your head all too easily.

Fingermae formed in late 2016 and quickly became known for their fierce live shows with a synergy between its members. Over the years together the trio have released a debut album titled Cured Using Natural Therapies which features a plethora of quirky tracks that rant about politics in a way that makes you smile, rather than get angry, which is something I think we all need every now and again.

Fingermae’s music and especially this track make you want to dance and laugh at the perfectly measured sprinkle of edgy innuendos and healthy dose of naughty language. Despite the cheeky and loquacious lyrics, Fingermae boast significant skills as musicians with a delightfully concocted which makes you instantly move around.

My Cat Is The Best Cat is a clear demonstration that as a band, Fingermae is unapologetic about their attitude and personality. “If pop has eaten itself, Fingermae have come out the other end.” While this statement makes little to no sense, it might just be the perfect description of Fingermae’s punchiness and absurdist energy.

It is clear that the band must have a lot of fun in each other’s company, and this really shines through on this fun-loving track. Ultimately though, you fall in love with Sally’s extremely personable cat, and wonder why your pet is so shit in comparison.

My Cat Is The Best Cat is the lead single from Fingermae’s upcoming EP Sofamore, which is due out in early 2020 meaning you can look forward to hearing more of the Newtown outfit’s unflinchingly audacious sound.

Check out My  Cat Is The Best Cat below: