Under-Cats: this photographer takes portraits of cats from below glass

Some cats tend to look derp in photos. However, Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba may just have found the way to overcome this.

The latest glamour shots from the International Cat Show at Kaunas are a little more artistic than usual. Andrius Burba has been taking photos of the underside of cats since 2015, shifting from an original black background for fun bright colours.

underlook under-cats
Photo: Andrius Burba, Underlook

This article will have you viewing cats from a whole new angle. Under-Cats is the photography project of Andrius Burba, showcasing what makes cats unique.

Burba places the cats on a glass table with the coloured background above them and shoots from underneath. He says that this allows him to truly capture each cat’s unique fur, alongside their personality. Expressions range from bored to annoyed, lazy to curious, or purely concerned about where the floor is.

While cats were the original subject for Burba’s art, he has also photographed dogs, rabbits and even horses (albeit the horses required some hefty equipment).

You can view the entire gallery from the official Underlook website. Here’s just a quick hit for all you cat addicts out there.

Photo: Andrius Burba, Underlook
Photo: Andrius Burba, Underlook
Photo: Andrius Burba, Underlook

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