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Mal De Mer share a playlist of tracks that have influenced their sound

It’s been over a month now since we first heard Mal De Mer’s latest single Sunshine And Thunder, but for that entire time, we haven’t stopped listening.

So we caught up with the band for a playlist of tracks that have helped shape their dynamic, infectious sound.

Fresh off the release of their latest single Sunshine And Thunder, we caught up with each member of Perth outfit for a playlist of tracks that have influenced their sound.

Regan Dale (drums): Short Court Style – Natalie Prass

One of the funkiest riffs of 2018. Genius songwriting. Uber tight rhythm section. Unforgettable vocal hooks. It’s the whole package.

Regan Dale (drums): Message In a Bottle – The Police

The combination of sheer power and melodic creativity found in Stewart Copeland’s drum parts on this song is hugely inspiring. The Police were masters of creating complex music that never forgot its original purpose; to make you boogie.

John Harvey (guitar): Khruangbin – People Everywhere

Enlightened me to the combination of two of my favourite genres, psych and funk, also all of the members especially Mark Speers have huge chops.

John Harvey (guitar): Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place

David Byrne is a genius composer and was incredibly ahead of his time. I try to emulate his style of writing the most. The live video of this song must be seen by everyone.

Saskia Fleming (vocals): Stella Donnelly – Old Man

Stella’s always been a huge inspo for me as a lyricist and when Old Man came out I guess it kinda solidified that idolisation for me. I think the ability she has to write about such important and current worldwide issues, while keeping her songs both catchy and melodically interesting, takes a lot of talent and I admire her greatly for that. I also love how she doesn’t hold back when it comes to being crass, and still manages to find a balance between that raw honesty, and a wholesome well-liked image.

Saskia Fleming (vocals): Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong

Honestly, Anderson .Paak is just serving up straight class with this one. The melody, the chest to mix transitions vocally. The ability to shift between both beautiful and difficult vocal
patterns, into lyrically strong and powerful recollections of thoughts and memories.

Claudia Genovese (bass): Lowrider – Yussef Kamaal

The bass playing in this is everything I aspire to be. The groove is mega tasty. I don’t even know what else to say, just listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

Claudia Genovese (bass): It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over – Lenny Kravitz

The only way I can describe this bass is ‘sexy’. It’s one of those bass grooves that’s just perfectly appropriate for the song. It holds its place without overcrowding the rest of the music and it’s just so. damn. cool.

Emma Crawford (synth/sax): D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy

The keys in this one always get me vibing. I love the way the chords skip along the beat and flirt with the bass. My biggest thing is feeling a vibe with the people I’m playing with
and nothing can compare to what Mal shares.

Emma Crawford (synth/sax): Parcels – Myenemy

I definitely take a lot of inspo from these guys too, especially when it comes to the synth lines. The 70s sounding synths and the way they are played merges old music with new music and I feel this is the sort of soundscape Mal is trying to achieve.

Sunshine And Thunder is available now. Listen here.


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March 25, 2019