On their new EP, Atlamer's Muse prove that with passion anything is possible

PREMIERE: On their new EP, Atlamer’s Muse prove that with passion anything is possible

Making music is difficult enough with no extra-curricular commitments involved. The time and energy involved in crafting music is all-consuming. Imagine throwing a full-time job, a partner and three children into the mix.

Sounds impossible, right? Not for Gold Coast duo Atlamer’s Muse, who’ve managed to record, produce and release a 6-track EP amidst their hectic family lives.

Gold Coast duo Altamer’s Muse moonlight as a musical match made in heaven with their unique blend of techno, jazz and soul.

Not long after the pair connected as partners did they discover their mutual love for creating music that transcends genre. Naia and James, the couple that makes up Atlamer’s Muse, both have long histories writing and performing music – Naia’s background lies in singing and performing in large-scale musicals, James has dabbled in synth since his childhood and has previously performed as a solo artist. The couple’s long history of travelling has also had an influence on their sound, with characteristics and intricacies in their music borrowed from cultures and experiences around the world.

Atlamer’s Muse’s debut EP Storm Seed is genre-defying, transcendent and powerful. Every song seems to segue seamlessly into the next. It is almost as if the EP is over before you know it, and warrants a listen again. With Amy Winehouse-esque vocals and deep and brooding synth lines, the duo has asserted themselves as one of the most exciting up-and-coming acts in Queensland at present.

2019 will see the duo take to the stages of South East Queensland for a string of performances debuting their freshman EP in a live setting. Together, Atlamer’s Muse continues to live within the realms of their passion of producing raw, heartfelt and vulnerable music from the studio of their Gold Coast home, in between time spent with their family.

Listen to Storm Seed above.