Cats own the internet. And it’s Friday. What else do you want? Here’s a Rainbow Cat Undercut

We all know that cats bloody own the internet. They’re bosses at cuteness, ruling your crib and eating up that fresh meat. Yet low and behold they have further shimmied their way into our heads. While you’ve been away, things have gotten real frisky.

real frisky

Cats bloody own the internet. Not stopping there they’ve shimmied their way into our heads. It’s time to get real frisky. Cuteness, authority & hair. Done.

Avert not your astonished eyes, the cats be getting tangled up in our locks. Of sorts. Hailing from the exotic place of Russia,  this trend’s a snipping its way into our up-dos. The lady pioneering the way is a Russian Instagram user, aptly called Katichka. Hidden behind a layer of full length hair is a pussy cat just ready to be unveiled.

real frisky


You game? Grab those scissors.


As seen on Bored Panda.