Save money on Mary- Jane, 9 Reasons Tame Impala and dem covers have you sorted

Why shell out your hard earned coin on the things that groweth, when you can just listen to Tame Impala psychedelically cover a bunch of already left of the narrow garden path tracks?

We love our originals songs. We love our covers. They each have a specific nook in the voluminous passages of our trilling heart. Yet, it is when covers start to take on a life of their own, as if somehow transcending the covers box that we have put them in, things get fresh and fierce.

Tame Impala, the sleek and sensational musical animals that they are, acutely fit into this phenomena. Covering old Brit-grunge to the queen of Aussie pop herself (we shall never get her out of our head, the merit of this is neither here nor there) these fellas own the savannah. Proving that they evade the jaws of musical typecasting as swiftly as life itself, Parker and crew bring us into the wild with each cover, tamed and ridden really, really well.

Tame Impala

Blitzing the music scene in their own right, Tame Impala have set their hand to psychedelically covering left of the narrow path tracks. Save money, listen.

Step into the fray if you dare.

  1. Prototype (Outkast cover)

With particular flourish, Tame Impala weave and wield the extra terrestrial, straying into extra strange and then back into an extra groovy song, that had us all a little perplexed but still clicking right along. Impala infusing their cover with 70s funk spins the flying saucer with extra vigour.

  1. Remember Me (Blue Boy cover)

Crisper than your muma’s bacon comes the lad’s cover of Remember Me. Sorry, are we in the 70s? Why have the hues of the world taken on an oddly yellow tinge? Why has everyone let off the flairs? Farah, Farah, is that you? The haze will last for about 4 and a half minutes, the time is takes the song to run its full course. Your hair will never have had that much volume, you and your locks will have been blown hither and thither.

  1. Are You a Hypnotist? (Flaming Lips cover)

And we thought the original would supplement Lucy in her sky with all those diamonds. But nope. Tamey twang and synth this tune to the highest parts of the ether. It dances around with the constellations and subconscious dreams people are purported to meander when induced into the proverbial hypnotic state. If you were knocked back from NASA’s latest grad intake, this’ll get you close to where you want to be.

  1. Anesthetized Lesson (GUM remix)

Never were we more swayed by a cow bell, brilliant yellow fire hydrant and crotch shot so closely linked to said cow bell. Suffice to say, GUM, the little tricksters, toy with no sleepiness in this educational proffering. Synths never ones to be coy abound once again. Kevin Parker in his revamp, although withholding the cow bell and the crotch shot, turns up the heat and crisps out those keeno synths, they fall into line blissfully, guitars are plucked with relish and the drums hit every beat cause they are here to party but keep sweet, sweet order.

  1. Stranger In Moscow (MJ cover)

Slow mos to rival that bullet scenario we all broke our backs trying to recreate, fluttering pigeons that don’t induce the urge to back the feck up and a good ol’ broken window were all impeccably amalgamated together by MJ crooning his way into our cold, sad hearts. Think ye Tame would shudder at daring to pluck such a tune, would the tears as readily flow? Why yes, there is still great movement in the visceral tectonic plates but with a dash of confusion to spice up Babushka’s morning porridge. So. Much. Synthage.

  1. End of The Line (Daft Punk remix)

‘Scuse us but are you from the future? So much tech one can’t see for all the immaculately drawn neon lighted costumes, Daft Punk’s End of The Line met the Tron film straight in its futuristic, hyper dangerous take on ultimate frizzbee internal processor. What did Tamey do? Why they started right from the belly of the future, steadily working their way back to us. Tight 80s drum reverbing to that clean 4/4 time signature. The high synths leave all the other fools for dead and just get right on their fabulous minor key thang. Bosses, the lot of them.

  1. Waves (Miguel remix)

When Napoleon heard that track come on, he knew it was his dynamite. He just had to move, but it was controlled, no wild cardio there. Let this be your specific dynamite. Miguel’s silky tones are easily caressed to leap and swerve to every wave those synth dolphins do splash in. Paddle around in this one in the blow up pool out back. No tremendous exertion, but a keen awareness that your heart will fall to the right beat.

  1. Silver Trembling Hands (The Flaming Lips cover)

The bass rears in, tyres squealing. The electric guitar careens in to catch up. Drums knowing you always have to stick it to the man. It’s all happening and then syncopation moves to town. Let it be known the flame is alive and does most well to be tamed.

  1. Confide in Me (Kylie Minogue cover)

What more can be said than the queen of pop was taken to the final frontier, surveyed her reach, thought it suitable, everyone continues to bitterly seek a confidant and the star wars franchise can only hope to get close to the feels of this little number? Get your soaring through emotional regions you didn’t think you had.