Sufjan Stevens covers Drake’s Hotline Bling live in New Jersey

It seems every week there is some new viral phenomenon sweeping social media. You probably would have noticed over your daily trawling of Facebook or Reddit that video memes and reinterpretations of Drake‘s Hotline Bling have been floating around and have become pretty much unavoidable.

Sufjan Drake

Sufjan Steven‘s is the latest to cash in on the Drake wave that has been gaining momentum over the past few years which has pretty much reached its peak of late, with Hotline Bling being his most successful single to date.

Sufjan Stevens is pretty much as far from Drake as you can get, but that didn’t stop him from doing a bang-on interpretation of the track. He seems to be having a blast, despite some laughter from his crowd, and, aided by R&B singer Gallant, he actually does a pretty good job. Have a look below: