The Vanns package raw verve in their new cracker single, I’m Not The One

Strap yourself in ladies and gentlemen, because whether you’re wearing them, driving them or listening to them, The Vanns always produce the goods. The boys Jimmy Vann: Guitar/Vocals, Lachlan Jones: Drums, Tom Switlek: Bass from Kiama make up The Vanns, a rapidly up an coming Australian success, producing infectious indie rock sensations that’ll have you rocking your socks off in now time. This banger is for the Monday morning.

The Vanns

Rocking your socks off true to style, The Vanns unleash new single I’m Not The One. This banger is for the Monday morning.

Already receiving raving reviews and success for the 2015 single Sunday to Sunday, rotational airplay on Triple J and Triple M and supporting renowned acts like The Delta Riggs and Sticky Fingers, its no wonder that the release of their latest single ‘I’m Not The One’ is of the upmost priority. Enlisting the help of producer Nathan Sheeby who is known for producing the Dune Rats and Birds of Tokyo, the lads have created an ‘alt-rock’ master-piece.

The group has definitely kicked the indie rock pace up a notch. “I’m Not The One” is a high-energy tune with an array of sounds at play and every sound is perfectly intertwined so you don’t miss a musical note. It’s a mess that even the neatest of neat freaks won’t want cleaned up. The verses are an arrangement of vocals and controlled beat of the drums with a subtle undertone of bass guitar, rapidly building tension and channeling that indie sound.

The chorus is where all tension is released. The atmosphere is flooded with raging guitar, full blown thumping of the drums and hard out vocals. It’s here we find that rock element that has given the indie rock genre an exciting twist and created an edgy sound for a rather riskay song.

Not only are the sounds enough to get your blood rushing, the vocals share the not-so-secret, dirty little secret story. It’s naughty, but, because of the rapidity of the vocals and quick flow of the music, it’s easy to overlook the innuendos. “She said hey boy I really want to sleep together/ you know I won’t lie it was on the back of my mind cause we’re always miss behaving”, setting the scene for what seems to be harmless fun.

“I know you’ve got another man laying on you anyway/ Don’t stress baby we can talk it over some cheap wine/ I’ll strut into your house with my leather jacket on, kick your lover away just like a rolling stone/ He said hey boy get your body off of my girl”, all of a sudden, the fun… may not be so harmless after all. There’s a real debauchery theme going on, but because it’s badass and enticing, naturally we can’t get enough of it.

We love what the guys have going on with this song. The musical chaos as well as the chaos of a lust affair story through the implicate title “I’m Not The One”, has everything you’d expect from a rock tune. It pushes boundaries but we’re okay with it because that’s the point of music, vicarious and personal experience and these guys have channeled that feeling perfectly.