Needle In The Hay

Take a look at 5 audio software prizes for 2024’s Needle In The Hay

Needle In The Hay top place-getters will this year win premium prizes from Expressive E, Soundtoys and more.  

Entries into this year’s Needle In The Hay competition are inching ever-closer, with one lucky entrant poised to win what might be our biggest prize haul ever.

Submissions close on March 22, meaning those in pursuit of the coveted title of NITH winner still have time to get their tunes in.


If the time crunch isn’t enough to propel you, look no further than our enormous prize pool, which this year spans beverages, apparel, premium instruments and audio gear.

Entrants who want to get their hands on some audio and producing software can rest assured, with starry brands like Expressive, Soundtoys and more all gifting some of their premium wares to NITH top place-getters.

Below, we’re taking a look at five audio software prizes for this year’s Needle In The Hay. Scroll down and peruse at your leisure, and head here to throw your hat in the ring for Needle In The Hay 2024.   

Total Studio 4 MAX plus Pianoverse

IK Multimedia is a one-stop shop for the entire creative process. They are known for some of the most intuitively designed hardware and software on the market.

Musicians have been using the iRig as a staple in their recording arsenal for years. Alongside their revered hardware line, they have been building up their software range and have truly become a force to be reckoned with.

Total Studio 4 MAX is their answer to the need for pro-level work, wherever you are. Working with industry greats like Joe Chiccarelli and Gavin Lurssen to design plug-ins that even the big names use themselves.

Their Total Studio max 4 bundle lets you rest easy, knowing you don’t have to go searching in studios for those tools.

Offering 66 Plug-ins, over 500 creative and studio effects and over 18,000 authentic-sounding instruments, the Total Studio 4 MAX is your one-stop shop for all-around music creation. 

Needle In The Hay software prizes

Expressive E – Osmose

Expressive E’s Osmose has revolutionised musical expression, setting a new standard in synth control with intuitive gestures.

Launched in collaboration with Haken Audio, Osmose features a 49-key gesture-sensitive keybed and a robust sound engine offering over 500 presets.

It serves as both a MIDI controller and a standalone instrument, providing individual note expressions and a built-in arpeggiator. Osmose’s sleek design includes control knobs, menu keypad buttons, and a large colour screen for enhanced usability.

With angled pitch and modulation sliders, ergonomic handling is ensured. The intuitive interface simplifies navigation through settings and effects.

Notably, Osmose’s touch-sensitive keys offer inspiring vibrato and pitch bend, particularly beneficial for string players. Experience the immersive world of synthesis with Osmose – a creative instrument that transforms musical exploration See more info here.


Soundtoys 5 Bundle

There are very few plug-in manufacturers with such creative rapport. Soundtoys are known (and loved) for their endless endeavour to bring fresh sounds and ideas to the everyday music makers.

Modelling classic units like the Shure Level-loc, Altec 1567a, Primetime and the Siemens W295b.

While staying true to the classic nature of these units, Soundtoys brings a unique modern flair, with intuitive designs to help you get the most out of your experience.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a mixing engineer who doesn’t use multiple instances of a soundtoys plug-in on every session.

Whether you’re reaching for a classic tape delay, some aggressive saturation, a subtle tremolo or just a vast plate reverb, the Soundtoys 5 bundle offers all that and more! Including its full catalogue of 22 Plug-ins, it is the ultimate effects solution Head here for more info.

Needle In The Hay software prizes

Inter-Harmonics – GEOPHON

The Inter-Harmonics GEOPHON Omnidirectional Microphone Is an innovative tool inspired by seismic geophones, already making waves in sound recording circles.

Unlike typical contact mics, the GEOPHON stands out with its superior build quality and versatile attachment options. Including a suction cup, steel probe, and magnet there are endless possibilities for sounds to be captured.

Perfect for studio use, outdoor recordings, or anywhere creativity strikes. The GEOPHON captures intricate details across a wide frequency range (10 Hz to 10k), enriching your recordings with depth and character.

Imagine attaching the magnet to an upright piano soundboard, sticking it to a window with the suction cup, or dipping its steel probe into the water – endless possibilities await with the GEOPHON.

Needle In The Hay software prizes

GForce Software – instruments + packs 

G-force software is a very well-known name in the vintage synth modelling community, starting their foray with a now revered mellotron replica the ‘M-Tron’, they quickly had people lining up for their “Left Field treatment” to all their favourite analog synthesisers.

Countless companies are trying their best to emulate the magic of analog synths that have been used on millions of recordings and where many fail, G-force have stood the test of time and created a true representation of the sounds many love.

Their catalogue of heavy hitters, such as Axxess, Minimonsta2, the Oberheim range, VSM IV and more, will have you making modern classics with their timeless sounds.

Accompanying these, are a range of expansion packs including the Axxess – Electronica, Pop, Hip Hop and Cinematic expansion packs. As well as their Minimonsta2 – 90s Inspiration Expansion Pack.

These tools will have you feeling right alongside the music greats, as you create wherever inspiration strikes.