FKA Twigs – Pendulum

So I’m really happy right now. So happy that I won’t even bother trying to write a witty intro for this. Because atmospheric electro girl (and racially ambiguous hotness) FKA Twigs has released her track Pendulum from her upcoming debut album. And it is good (if you don’t know who she is, take a minute to read up – it’s worth it). No joke, after having a couple of listens to this song, it’s quickly becoming one of my all time favourite tracks. Yeah big call hey. Bear with me though.

FKA Twigs

John thinks FKA Twigs is pretty awesome. Let her hotness rock you like a pendulum baby.

Let’s start with what the song is about which is chasing someone that’s not all that interested in you and you’re left wondering and going back and forth blah blah blah (see lyrics “So lonely trying to be yours How does it feel to have me thinking about you?” …and also see pretty much all my past relationships ha!). The reason I point this out is the track in it’s entirety communicates this story. From the beat to the melody, everything.

The song has extended sections building anticipation during the verses, swinging and swelling (like a pendulum, duh). The drums and vocals work in coherence as her voice soars, the rhythm swells in the emptiness. It hits the chorus so well with the three-step chord progression stepping down with each beat and ascending back – also giving you that slow swinging feeling with just the right amount of R&B to keep you pulled in it.

Like most of her songs, she knows how arrange the composition so well. I absolutely love musicians who strip their songs back and focus on each instrument that adds something – giving it a significant purpose. In other words, less is more. To give you a reference point, Oscar Key Sung is another artist that does it well and now FKA Twigs has got me completely frothing over this song.

If this is just a taste of what’s to come in her upcoming album, I’ll be at the buffet, bib on, knife and fork in hand, waiting.