The Flaming Lips up the weird factor with an LP record filled with pink beer

The Flaming Lips up the weird factor by pressing an LP filled with pink beer

The Flaming Lips are known for their eccentric and at times, bizarre nature. So, it probably comes as a surprise to no one that the band have pressed a limited edition record filled with pink beer.

The beer, named Dragon & YumYums, was brewed in collaboration with Dogfish Head for Record Store Day.

flaming lips beer record dragons & yum yums

The beer also serves as the inspiration for the two songs on the Flaming Lips vinyl; The Story Of Yum Yum and Dragon and Pouring Beer In Your Ear (The Beer Song).

According to the brewery’s website, the beer is a balance of sweetness and resinous flavour. With piney and tropical aromas, this is a drink paired perfectly with a serving of psychedelic rock.

Weird and wonderful vinyl releases are no oddity for the band, who previously released a Gummy series which saw records filled with blood and soap in the shape of a foetus.

The group are releasing just 100 of these records. Unfortunately, Australians will need to venture as far as Guestroom Records in Oklahoma City to grab a copy.

Via Tone Deaf.