Surprise! Fleet Foxes are dropping their new album ‘Shore’ today

Fleet Foxes have announced they will be dropping their fourth record Shore today, accompanied by a 55-minute film shot on Super 16mm.

Fleet Foxes are releasing a new album, titled Shore, today. The release will be the Seattle band’s fourth LP, arriving three years after their previous record Crack-Up (check out live stripped-back renditions of the album here).

The band have made the creative decision to release Shore with an accompanying film directed by Kersti Jan Werdal, beautifully shot on Super 16mm. The official news of the album was announced on Fleet Foxes’ Instagram page yesterday.

fleet foxes shore new album

Performing four consecutive nights as part of Vivid 2017, Fleet Foxes have left their mark as an indie staple in contemporary folk-rock. The new album and film are set to stream later today on the band’s website at the rather peculiar time of 14:31 universal coordinated time (or 23:31 AEST, Tuesday). It seems too abnormal to not have some sort of concealed meaning…

The indie-folk release will coincide neatly with the autumnal equinox (or spring vernal equinox in Australia), when the Sun aligns exactly with the equator, causing equal lengths of day and night. This equilibrium of sorts only occurs twice a year on opposite ends of the world (once in the Southern Hemisphere and another in the Northern Hemisphere), with the latter happening today.

Shore will officially mark the seasonal start of fall (as they like to call it in the US). “Happy equinox eve,” wrote Fleet Foxes on their socials.

fleet foxes lineup, lineup changes
Timeline of Fleet Foxes lineup changes since formation in 2006. Photo: Wikipedia

Unlike most albums these days, news of the album has been revealed without fanfare, with the band choosing to stay humble and not release any singles (or half the record!) before it hits the shelves. The news first appeared in old school fashion, with passersby spotting Fleet Foxes’ posters on Parisian streets on Monday.

“And it’s in the streets of Paris that you learn of Fleet Foxes’ return on Tuesday,” translates the French Journalist’s tweet.

Tune in to the film premiere and live-stream of Shore here tonight (Tuesday, September 22) at 11:30 p.m. AEST.


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