Fleur De Mur’s debut EP ‘Metamor-for-this’ is insightful, soulful and sassy

Fleur De Mur has released her debut EP Metamor-for-this to give listeners a glimpse into her own personal growth in the most stylish way possible.

Fleur De Mur’s latest release is a nu-disco-influenced jam. Metamor-for-this is undeniably groovy and will have you dancing along to Fleur’s honest and vulnerable tunes.

Fleur De Mur has really only started releasing her own music in the last couple of years but the songwriter has been lending her abilities to producers at home and abroad with collabs coming up with Artsea and Wolsh. 

 Fleur De Mur metamor-for-this

The songstress is heavily influenced by pop, soul, RnB and nu-disco and has created a powerful style that is totally unique to her.

Metamor-for-this is an incredibly enjoyable 5-track journey in which you can hear that Fleur is confident, fierce and knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Fleur spoke about the emotional rollercoaster that is woven between the hypnotic brass sections and undying bass lines: “You can literally hear the sound of growth on this EP – track by track of the record you can hear personal power steadying itself. 

“Left Behind is a song that allows my fear to spiral, triggered by peer’s comparative life success, on Nothing Right there’s a responsibility taken for choosing relationships over choosing myself, through to the hook in Giving It Up belting out ‘I’m finally here for me.’” 

No matter where you’re up to in the journey, every one of these tracks will make you want to get down.

Neither Am I is the perfect track for that part of dealing with a situationship where all you want to do is dance… and maybe wallow a little.

The music video released alongside Neither Am I and co-created with Fleur’s creative partner Jackson Gallagher, brings a light and quirky sense to the track.

The video itself is visually stunning and just as enthralling as the song. Speaking on the music video Fleur said: “Songs are opportunities for storytelling, and whilst the sonic language is always the driver, for me I also ‘see’ the song – so there’s almost as much importance placed on the visual component of my music’s capacity for storytelling.”

It’s evident that what Fleur is doing is working. Metamor-for-this is a brilliant extended introduction to the music scene but Fleur has walked in as if she needs no introduction whatsoever. This impeccably polished artist is ready for the world to know her name.

Listen to Metamor-for-this in full below.