Fleur de Mur gives disco a modern edge on 'I Don't Want To Fall In Love'

Fleur de Mur gives disco a modern edge on ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love’

Fleur de Mur sounds assured, ready, and unapologetic on her disco-inspired sophomore single I Don’t Want To Fall In Love.

There’s something vastly underrated about performing an uncomplicated song extremely well. Especially in the realm of dance music, you don’t want to dilute your rhythm with distracting bells and whistles. All you need is a tight groove and some powerhouse vocals.

With Fleur de Mur, that’s exactly what you get. Let’s dive into I Don’t Want To Fall In Love, and why it performs so well.

Fleur de Mur

The track begins by teasing the hook, with underwater-like vocals murmuring what’s to come. The verse jumps in shortly after, carried by Fleur’s now-crystal-clear, distinct vocals. Look out for the especially killer trill here – “Losing my breath, my footing, and my self”.

Meanwhile, in the back end of the mix, atmospheric synths build the tension as tried-and-true finger clicks glue everything together.

Then, we’re treated to the long-awaited bass drop and irresistible chorus. Sticky synths cascade as Fleur lays the vocals down, sweet and shimmering. “I don’t wanna fall in love”, a simple sentiment, but a relatable one. Following trialling times, often, the last thing we’re looking for is the prickly thorn known as intense, emotional commitment.


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As the track continues, the percussion only increases in vigour, and Fleur’s disco-destined vocals let loose, exploring the scales, climbing up and down effortlessly. There’s nothing strange or unexpected about this track – but this is its greatest strength. Every layer is intentional, only serving to strengthen the core vibe.

This restraint makes I Don’t Want To Fall In Love a steadfast dance groove for partygoers to confidently move to.  A four-minute antidote for our tumultuous times.


I Don’t Want To Fall In Love is out now, give it a listen below: