Pipin pits ecstasy against surrender on her stunning pop track, ‘Maybe It’s Me’

Pipin navigates her chords, melody, and emotion with careful consideration, evoking both ecstasy and surrender on Maybe It’s Me.

On the music video for Maybe It’s Me, mesmerising Brisbane act Pipin dons clown makeup. Aside from being visually intriguing, it’s also an insight into the multifaceted nature of the song, and the artist herself.

When Pipin isn’t playing shows with the likes of Ball Park Music and Peach Fur, she’s writing captivating tunes that work on multiple levels. For her 2020 single Can’t Be Friends, it’s a liberating dance tune as well as an uncomfortable farewell. On Maybe It’s Me, we receive ecstasy and surrender.


But first, let’s discuss the glowing soundscape. A radio-friendly kit shimmers along with a cute synth that teeters between major and minor chords, adding depth to an otherwise innocent pop structure.

“Socks pulled off your toes, freckles on your nose, talking about someone I don’t know”, Pipin sings gorgeously, painting a vivid image of tension bubbling underneath a bright blue sky. Next comes the head-swaying hook, which gets stuck in your ears after just one listen.

It’s a testament to Pipin’s captivating, idiosyncratic songwriting.

“Maybe it’s me, I could be happy, I could be everything that I am not”, Pipin manifests, over the bubbly production work of real-life partner, Hugh Middleton. No wonder the sound and melody are so in-sync.

You can sing along gleefully, celebrating a new chapter, or sing along ironically, remembering the weight of consequence that inspires such an epiphany. Both are feasible. The music video also contributes to this wondrous exploration, as Pipin performs in front of flashing, brightly coloured backdrops, both immersing and disorientating the listener.


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So, circling back to my initial thought, why does Pipin wear clown makeup? I think it’s because she wants you to look deeper. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this promising pop act.

Listen to Maybe It’s Me below: