Pipin shines bright on sparkling and relatable new single ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Newcomer to Australia’s music scene is Pipin, who has quickly established an original and addictive pop sound. 

Now the artist has hit us with her latest single Can’t Be Friends, offering a colourful and kaleidoscopic electro-pop vibrancy which is sure to make you move. 


Combining stunning vocals and an infectious beat to deliver a meaningful and relatable message, Pipin is quickly blasting her way to the forefront of the Aussie pop scene. 

Pipin has lived her life never standing still, moving around the country to lap up every opportunity possible. This has clearly worked in her favour, allowing the young artist to create a sound which takes influence from a whole universe of sonic characters.

As a result, Pipin has created music which will soon be recognised as her signature style, and will soon inspire other up-and-coming artists. Recorded at Out With The In Studios in Brisbane’s West End and mixed and mastered in London by Alex L’Estrange, Can’t Be Friends is full to the brim with a unique effervescence which will inspire both movement and introspection. 

Lyrically, Pipin touches on a subject which is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable but offers listeners some insight into how losing some friendships can allow you to grow and flourish. Through exposing her own distinct experiences and exploring them through her lyrics, Pipin also makes sagacious observations about the world around her, particularly surrounding the human condition.

While pop often focuses on love and heartbreak, its refreshing to see an artist open up to other experiences as a revelation within their music. All the while, she delivers an infectiously anthemic track that’s impossible not to love from the very first spin. 

She might be new to the scene, Pipin certainly has not gone unrecognised. With just three singles under her belt, she has already been played on national radio and gathered a considerable number of loyal Spotify listeners. It’s clear that Pipin’s upcoming releases will shine through with a sparkle un-replicable by any other. 


Can’t Be Friends is out now.