Fleur Fatale releases ‘Over It’ a mesmerizing fusion of dreamy grunge and ethereal energy

Indulge in the enchanting fusion of ethereal vocals and gritty undertones as Fleur Fatale’s Over It effortlessly combines nineties grunge with a modern twist.

Dreamy vocals with an edge, Over It merges nineties grunge with a touch of 2000s Avril Lavigne. Not to say Over It lacks modernity, there is a clear Soccer Mommy influence as well as Lucy Dacus, feminine energy purposefully at the forefront. 

Over It feels straight out of a late nineties indie film – or perhaps it would be better suited to say that Fleur Fatale would have been the perfect band to play The Bronze, (Buffy fans get it).

fleur fatale

It’s lucid and ethereal, but still grounded in its own certainty. Over It is a combination of jangly guitars reminiscent of The Cranberries, and a drum groove that takes a back seat, though still nuanced and provocative in its own right.

Angelic synths appear and disappear, smooth vocals floating delicately across gentle instrumentation. No I won’t take your shit / I’m already over it, a chorus hook that demands a cacophony of voices singing it right back. 

This song seems like it’s so over everything that it’s even over itself. It’s a necessity, for it to be heard, but the emotions captured in the track have long since been dealt with.

That’s what gives Over It its sense of hope – if Fleur Fatale got over it enough to write a song about it, then you’ll probably be fine too.

Over It is patient, intent on saying all that it needs to say at its own pace. Sonically assured, Fleur Fatale execute an amalgamation of their influences without fault. 

Over It is angsty without being self-indulgent, hopeful without being trite and nostalgic without losing its sense of individuality. The Brisbane based group seem confident in their direction, and even more so in their implementation.

Over It holds all the promise of a pop song, while veering into gritty guitar territory and glossy vocals. Every part of the whole seems present in their vision; each performer gliding closely along with the next as the song evolves.

It can be difficult to mine the past for influences without adopting them too much, – or too little – but this is not a problem for Fleur Fatale. Exquisitely wistful, Over It is an exciting moment for the group.  

Listen to Over It below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris