Floating turds interrupted the practice mission to the moon… twice

Apollo 11 was one small step for man but Apollo 10 was one small movement… No wait, it was two.

Don’t worry, you read that correctly. The Apollo 10 mission transcript shows that there were two floating poop incidents throughout the practice run of one of the greatest feats in human history.

Well, the book was right. Everybody really DOES poop. Even heroic astronauts.

Credit: Apollo 10 Mission, NASA/JSC

On their mission to the moon and back, the banter on board between Commander Thomas Stafford, Lunar Module Pilot Eugene, and Command Module Pilot John Young was interrupted twice by floating turds.

Credit: Apollo 10 Mission, NASA/JSC
Credit: Apollo 10 Mission, NASA/JSC

The best part? No one took responsibility for the poop which really makes you think.

Why were people bothering with conspiracy theories about whether or not we really made it to the moon when there was already a perfectly good mystery on board.