Flume drops three new tracks in surprise EP release

Australian record producer Flume has dropped an EP today, only five months after releasing the Hi, This Is Flume mixtape. The EP is called Quits and is a collaborative project with Vancouver, Washington rapper Reo Cragun.

The collaboration features three tracks entitled Quits, Levitate and Friends, the latter of which had already been released. All three tracks offer the same characteristic Flume sounds that have made him a pioneer of the future bass genre.

flume quit quits

Flume has just dropped a brand new EP Quits in collaboration with rapper Reo Cragun, only months after the release of his Hi, This Is Flume Mixtape.

Reo Cragun’s voice and delivery seems to match perfectly with Flume’s production in all of the three tracks, providing an interesting blend of hip hop and Flume’s characteristic sonics. Flume has previously praised Reo for his “great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically.

Both artists have publicly addressed how this collab has resulted in a great friendship between the two of them, and that rapport also comes through in the music.

Quits has been released just in time for Flume’s busy schedule for the rest of the year, both overseas and back home in Australia. Most notably, he’s performing at Lollapalooza and Summersonic in Japan before heading back down under as one of the headline acts at Listen Out.

This latest release only adds to the wide array of material that Flume has dropped this year. No doubt, this will make his upcoming live sets as diverse and interesting as ever.