Folkster Andrew Samuel announces new EP and snappy run of dates to celebrate

A little over a month ago folk troubadour Andrew Samuel dropped his latest single Sitting Here With Nothing Owing – a brooding, poetic gift of a song that reinforced that you only need two chords to write an something beautiful.

Now he’s ready to follow it up with an entire EP’s worth of tunes to be titled Hissing Bitterness, and he’ll be packing his bags and hitting to road to celebrate.

Andrew Samuel

Brooding folkster Andrew Samuel is just about to release his new EP, Hissing Bitterness, and he is hitting the road to celebrate.

Produced by Ryan Brennan (from Sydney’s Phantastic Ferniture), the EP is slated to be a raw and revealing insight into the innermost of Samuel’s psyche; an ode to loneliness, fear and murky secrets:

“It’s the most honest thing I’ve ever produced that says nothing honest at all,” says Samuel. “There isn’t one loss, or one sadness, that you can tie the lyrics too. It’s walking around Newtown late at night, pretty drunk and turning on yourself and laughing about it.”

You’ll be able to catch Andrew Samuel bare all at the following dates too:

25th August, The End, Brisbane

28th August Petersham Bowls Club, Sydney

29th August, The Front, Canberra

30th August, Billroy’s Blues Bar, Bendig

1st September,  Bar Open, Melbourne

4th September, The Brisbane Hotel, Tasmania