PREMIERE: 90s style Britpop is given a shot of optimism and brain trembling authentic goodness on Smoke Rings’ debut self-titled EP

Smoke Rings are just what the doctor ordered. Their new self-titled EP is an ode to the vibrant tones of 90’s brit pop and some more contemporary American independent sounds.

Smoke Rings

Exploring the nuances of young living with the sort of optimistic tones that make you feel like everything is going to be alright, Smoke Rings debut EP is mighty impressive.

With a sound that’s like a mixture between The War on Drugs and The Verve, Smoke Rings bright chord progressions and washed out solos take your mind to middle America and 90’s Britain with the sort of ease that you wouldn’t expect of a band from down under.

This is a difficult sound to get right, and probably one of the most pursued sounds of budding alternative bands, which makes the supreme execution of this EP all the more exciting. The single Rose Coloured Glasses is laden with the sort of laid-back riff work and chords progressions that are a real trademark of the Smoke Rings’ sound.

The verse features baritone vocals accompanied by the slightly country sounding lead guitar work, both of which lead in to a chorus where a distinct change in vocal pitch gives the track a really optimistic britpop vibration, which culminates in the post chorus crescendo that is punctuated by a very British sounding vocal delivery.

Great fun to listen to and totally carefree, this track is a great insight in to what this band is all about.

With tracks titled Feelin’ Tired, Kid Slipped, Chill Pill, Play Dead and Canaduh your feeling for the mood of this music is only furthered. If you tune in to the lyrics you find yourself grinning, knowing that these guys are draped in the rich technicoloured dream coat of youth.

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Great lyrics like “See life through rose coloured glasses” and “we do what we do and we’re happy enough” in Feelin Tired, you give a fix of apathy and optimism to leave you really glad that you gave these guys a listen.

It’s like someone giving you a pat on the back when you’re so buckled that you need to put your sunnies on and it’s night time. Chin up mate, this is exactly how you should be wasting your time, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT.

Strong from start to finish, this is an EP that is good in it’s entirety. Play Dead is a bit of a hidden gem. It sounds like it was plucked straight out of a 90’s British playlist, which is really heartning for a band to be achieving a sound like this so early in the piece.

Beautiful guitar work, perfect note selection, tonality and a great drum track that seems simple, but is impressively seamless. An exceptional piece of music.

Supporting this new EP with an east coast tour, Smoke Rings are one of the most exciting new sounds we have come across in a while. Get this EP, you will not be disappointed.