Looking for the next big thing in Aussie rock? Look no further than Smoke Rings and their raucous new banger, Rose Coloured Glasses

Burn baby burn! We bring to you Smoke Rings, a banging indie –rock outfit from Melbourne, slamming down the hazy synth and glittery rock undertones.

Shane, Lauren, Liam, Chris and John have been killing it in the Melbourne scene for a while now, since their formation in Canada under some pretty dubious circumstances (check unearthed for more details). With their most recent release, single Rose Coloured Glasses, these guys have brought forth something with altering vibrations of tangible style and vibe and we are pretty damn stoked.


It’s rare to see a band take a familiar sound and make it all their own but Smoke Rings pull it off, that’s why they’re one band to keep an eye on this year

There is a ribbon of psychedelic colour running through Rose Coloured Glasses that is a totally welcome addition to Smoke Rings’ bold indie rock starter tracks. This one is ballsy and filled with voluptuous folds of guitar to make anyone swoon.

Smoke Rings are definitely making good use of some noteworthy influences, threads of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tiny Little Houses and Blur run deep and add to what is a brash and personal sound. But it’s the dark, sultry vocals that take me away on a cloud. Smoky (pun definitely intended) and contrasted beautifully with the sharp-as-nails guitar, this element to Rose Coloured Glasses is what binds the whole track together. Local Sydney act, Flowertruck is what springs to mind once I hear this baby so, if you’re into what those cats are doing then definitely give this one a spin.

Lyrically strong and punchy with gorgeously pop soaked rises into the chorus, this jam is unstoppable. With catchy hooks for days and days, this track has me holding on tight and I will not be letting go in a hurry.

Having already worked with producers such as Liam O’Neil (Metric) and Anna Laverty (The Peep Tempel/Meg Mac), Smoke Rings are already roping in some talented kids to create their sound and what has come of these collabs, we are digging profusely.

Smoke Rings are making a bold case for fresh, Australian indie rock and are set to send waves across new music in the near future. If these frothy words preceding haven’t already sparked your interest then having a cheeky listen to the rest of what’s on offer and equal appreciation will ensue.

Standouts include Feelin’ Tired; less psych and more indie rock, but the mystical punches are still there. Dom Alessio, according to Unearthed ‘could not stop listening’ and Dave Ruby Howe has chastised the crew for making his job as a radio programmer too difficult with so many sick new releases.

Smoke Rings are one to watch. The band are unstoppable, busting out the tunes, beautifully and articulately produced, and laced with some trashing Australian drawls sure to make you melt at the knees. Check them out and you will not be disappointed, I, myself am rather inspired by this sharp brand of Aussie rock and their cloudy compendium of brash bangers.