For their mission to Pluto, NASA has found an unlikely scientific collaborator in Brian May

In 1974, Brian May enrolled in a PhD program at London’s Imperial College. Unfortunately, he had to put his studies on hold because his rock band started taking off.

Going on to become the guitarist of one of the world’s most well known bands obviously took the limelight. Queen quickly hit the world stage, and it wasn’t until 2007 that May finished his studies as an astrophysicist.

brian may nasa happy

The supersonic rocker Brian May has taken his talent to a new field as he collaborates with NASA on their New Horizons pathfinding mission.

Earlier in the month NASA’s New Horizon probe started transmitting data from Pluto, the aeronautical team invited May in to assist them with their analysis.

A few months ago, May was also instrumental in the naming of asteroid ‘Freddiemercury’, a dark, wobbly comet over half a million kilometres away.

Via The Vintage News.