Forget Street Fighter, you can now kick ass with the world’s greatest scientists in Science Kombat

We believe it was the wise Jesse Pinkman who coined the phrase, “Yeah science, bitch!” If ever there was a moment to quote such a phrase, now would be it as the world’s most influential scientists have been transformed into deadly martial arts bad asses (not to be confused with Krav Maga assassins).

Diego Sanches is a Sao Paolo-based illustrator and science enthusiast. Combining that with his love for old school gaming Sanches designed special combo moves for each scientist which will be featured in Superinteressante magazine as a newsgame called Science Kombat. The game itself was developed by by Otavio Cohen and Fred Di Giacomo Rocha working from Sanches’ original ideas. Science Kombat will be made available in April, but you can sample some of those sweet combo moves below.


Albert Einstein’s Relativity Attack


Marie Curie’s Polonium Attack


Charles Darwin’s Evolution Attack


Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray

First seen on The Creator’s Project.