Here's 15 hours of recordings from Frank Zappa's Halloween shows

Clear the schedule: 15 hours of Frank Zappa’s legendary 1977 Halloween shows are waiting to be streamed

We may have missed Halloween by one day here but screw it, this is too good not to share. A whopping 15-hour Spotify playlist filled with recordings from Frank Zappa’s legendary Halloween performances at the New York Palladium in 1977 awaits, for your spooky listening pleasure.

It’s what to listen to if you’ve somehow already ploughed through the musician’s 100 plus album catalogue, and technically it’s the musician’s latest posthumous release.

frank zappa 1977 halloween performance

Clear out 15 hours of your life for the height of Frank Zappa wackiness: a collection of recordings from his infamous 1977 Halloween concerts.

Released only days ago, Halloween 77 (Live At The Palladium, NYC) is a 158-song ‘album’ released digitally and in the form of a CD box set featuring your very own Zappa mask and costume.

Listen to the full playlist below, or watch a clip of Zappa performing Muffin Man at one of the Halloween shows a little further down.

Via Open Culture.