Full Flower Moon Band take you on an intoxicating endeavour with Roadie

Full Flower Moon Band take you on an intoxicating endeavour with Roadie

Full Flower Moon Band are a powerful force in experimental rock music, consistently delivering dynamic and intoxicating sonic experiences that are a delight to sink your teeth into.

They have just released their long-awaited, hard-hitting new single Roadie. This is the first single from the band since 2017’s epic audiovisual release Chinatown

Full Flower Moon Band

Full Flower Moon Band transport you to witching hour on their new track Roadie, a fierce and intoxicating endeavour of love and longing.

Full Flower Moon Band is the creative brainchild of underground producer and multi-instrumentalist Kate Babyshakes Dillon. The 28-year-old rock prodigy has an impressive catalogue, as she’s existed between Australia and the US, extensively touring internationally with Gabriella Cohen, and living as a recluse in DIY studios.

Roadie is a fierce and intoxicating track that drips with feminine power, with psyched out rock n’ roll guitar riffs layered with Dillon’s powerful enchantress vocals. This enthralling and mesmerising number transports you straight to the witching hour.

No stranger to a rich audiovisual experience, Dillon tells a compelling story in the evocative video for Roadie. The video echoes the fierceness of the track, as Babyshakes, warrior princess from the future, travels the road at night in search of demons to kill.

As she drives down the highway she sees a bad omen, a ghost of a woman on a horse; that ghost is herself. She opens up the boot of her car and assesses her arsenal of weaponry in preparation to release the spirit. She succeeds, as she always does, but the ghost keeps appearing, again and again.

“Roadie I told you that I’m sorry”, Babyshakes cries, asking for forgiveness, she “beckons lovers old and new to lay down their weapons in exchange for a warm embrace.” The warrior princess that Dillon plays is an embodiment of every person battling their own imperfections and demons, whilst craving unity in relationships. Roadie is coloured red with the fire of love and longing.

The new single arrives as Full Flower Moon Band penned a deal with Sunset Pig Records. The band’s live show has been described as “fierce, eccentric, sensual, performance art,” and you’ll be able to experience one of their unmissable live shows for yourself later this month if you find yourself on the east coast of Australia. Check out all the details for the Roadie single launch shows below.

Roadie Single Launch Shows:

Friday 19th July – Visions @ The Union Hotel Newtown, Sydney (FREE ENTRY)
Saturday 20th July – Gaso Upstairs, Melbourne
Saturday 27th July – Bearded Lady, Brisbane

All tickets available here.