Funk, house and disco project Je Bahl take us through their Exotic Radio EP

Last week Tassie based funk, house and disco project Je Bahl released their ultimate soundtrack for the summer, their Exotic Radio EP. The debut EP provided 7 danceable, high energy tracks that take on only the best of a unique and eclectic array of genres.

Je Bahl’s Exotic Radio has proved to be the ultimate summertime soundtrack with its high energy, eclectic blend of hip-hop, funk, exotica with a subtle hint of neo-psychedelia.

Track by track, Je Bahls Exotic Radio EP provides a truly intangible, bubbly energy that breathes new life into the electronic and dance music scene as we’ve never seen it before.

Listening to the Exotic Radio EP is an always exciting journey through the best dance music of every decade. From soulful, funk elements to the infectious house bliss of the 90’s reputable dance scene, Je Bahl will have you grooving along to every song. If you’ve been looking for your ultimate soundtrack for the summer, we’ve found it for you.

“Exotic Radio draws influence from a plethora of iconic artists such as The Avalanches, Daft Punk, and Leon Vynehall, giving the EP an always exciting element that never fades. Every track unveils a unique layer of meticulously intertwined nuances, each different from the last.”

Listen along while we go track by track of Je Bahl’s Exotic Radio EP

Coney Island

Coney Island kicks off the EP with a soulfully cinematic intro that evolves into the unique fusion of age-defying genres that perfectly encapsulate Je Bahl as a musical group. From quirky vocal sampling to funky melodies, Coney Island will relax your body and prepare you for the groove that is about to ensue.

“Heavily influenced by The Avalanches, Coney Island is a quirky hip-hop track featuring intricate melodic compositions, live orchestral instrumentation and unique sound bites. It’s hip-hop, funk, exotica with a hint of neo-psychedelia.”

Preacher Gon’ Holla 

Preacher Gon’ Holla is another perfect example of the eclectic and completely original array of musical influences Je Bahl has incorporated into their mesmerising debut EP. The track melds together the entrancing pull of old school house, woven together with colourful samples from rare African, French and Pacific Islander records.

The final result is a light and bubbly dance track filled to the brim with character and just downright great vibes.

Back on School Dirt

Back on School Dirt is a lush, disco-inspired track, highlighting rhythmic and melodic simplicity that encourages you to listen over and over. Its repetitive bass line keeps you deep in the groove whilst an evolving hi-hat rhythm and vocal cuts “put your mind at ease and your body in motion”.

This track gives the ultimate old school vibes, with a magnetic, contemporary twist.

“A bass line cruiser for the summer months, putting your mind at ease and your body in motion. The track features hypnotic grooves and luscious chords from a ’73 Fender Rhodes. The rich harmonic content is decorated with tight, funky guitar and a revolving bass line.”

High up in the Heavens

High up in the Heavens is the perfect synthesis of old and new elements meeting in the middle to create intangible energy that breathes new life into electronic and dance music scene as we know it. Providing nothing but super fun, kinda old school, danceable vibes, this one will get you on your feet and grooving all night long.

“High up in the Heavens is a bright house and funk composition featuring classic house piano progressions, funky bass lines, skank guitar and revolving guitar riffs. Bass lines reminiscent of modern Daft Punk and guitar riffs referencing LCD Soundsystem and Nile Rodgers, High up in the Heavens is a joyful take on classic house.”

What’s Happenin’

This track is one that you really can’t help but pay attention to as soon as soon as it comes on. What’s Happenin’ kicks off with a buttery vocal sample that evolves into the ultimate bass and percussion driven Afro-house masterpiece.

The track continuously builds over its duration, adding catchy vocal layers, funky guitar riffs and an insatiable drive to get up, grab your friends and get down to it.

“What’s Happenin’ is a hard-hitting Afro-House track featuring thumping bass-lines and whaling distorted guitar riffs. It’s thunderous four-to-the-floor structure forces your body into motion, whilst intricate percussive sections keep you on your toes. What’s Happenin’ is a first and fifth type listening experience, getting more and more out of each listen.”


Featuring as the last of the originals on the Exotic Radio Ep, Warm is exactly that. A fuzzed out, weird and wonderful collection of obscurist vocal layers that will fill you with a nostalgic love for everything that made dance music as it is now. Je Bahl is a truly unique outfit that takes on funk, house and disco as their own, and flips it on its head.

An angelic dance track with wonky samples and a chug-like groove. Its dizzying finish features a bit from Bernie Mac and contrasts playful themes with taunting musicality, like something out of a twisted nightmare.

Warm Remix

Produced by Vance Vader-Vaven, a seasoned legend in the Tasmanian dance scene. Warm Remix takes inspiration from Leon Vynehall’s 2016 album ‘Rojus (designed to dance)’. It’s an ode to nature, the environment and classic house.

Check out their incredible Exotic Radio EP below!