Gabbie Hanna posts 100 TikToks in a day and fans tell her to "get help"

Gabbie Hanna posts 100 TikToks in a day and fans tell her to “get help”

Gabbie Hanna fans are concerned about her wellbeing, after the influencer posted 100 “bizarre” TikToks in a day: “Someone check on Gabbie.”

Gabbie Hanna has sparked major concern across her fanbase. Over the last 48 hours, the social media influencer, musician and writer has reportedly posted over 150 TikTok videos, showcasing “bizarre” and “concerning” behavior. The clips feature Hanna dancing, singing, giggling and “ranting” about a series of topics, including aliens and religion.

For example, in one of her clips, she states the following: “Teleported to heaven, threw a temper tantrum, came back down here to save your souls, and I don’t give a fuck if you believe me.”

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Hanna currently has 7.4M followers on the popular video-sharing platform. In the past, she’s openly discussed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. As stated by the Mayo Clinic, this mental condition can cause “extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression).” Being aware of her condition, many fans of the influencer have speculated that she may be experiencing a “manic episode.” 

“The problem with manic episodes is you feel great. Better than you’ve ever felt,” commented one user. “She needs a family member, friend, to see her right now.” Another individual added, “Hey gabbie, I think it would be good to reach out to a loved one!! Spend some time with someone you love!!”

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After taking a four-hour break from posting at some point between Tuesday (August 23) and today, Gabbie returned to TikTok, and addressed people’s concerns, by saying “I’m OK.” However, the relentless posting continued, and people remain adamant that the social media star may be in need of urgent help: “In all seriousness, I worry, and I hope Gabbie Hanna gets the help she needs,” Tweeted a concerned fan. “Someone in her life needs to do a wellness check on her.”