Gary Mictian is a captivating presence on his new video for Ritual

Late last year, when Auckland-based singer-songwriter Gary Mictian shared his latest EP The Dream State, we were immediately immersed in his rich, vintage-pop sounds. With the EP’s release, Mictian immediately established himself as one of pop music’s more dynamic and interesting emerging acts.

Now, a few months removed, Mictian has shared a striking new video for Ritual; the closing track of his aforementioned EP. With hypnotic choreography and stunning cinematography, this new clip is a pure spectacle.

On his new video for Ritual, Auckland-based artist Gary Mitcian presents a stunning and spell-binding slice of visual brilliance.

Produced my Mictian himself, edited by Kate Pomeroy, and directed by Adam Joseph Browne, the new video for Ritual will leave you completely entranced. Starring Taylor Jane Smith, the video flows like honey, with each movement and shot flowing seamlessly into the next.

As the track builds into a catharsis of indie-pop sounds, the visuals grow increasingly intense. As bodies glide across the screen, and lights rhythmically flash, a wonderful feeling of disorientation is created.

I have always been incredibly enthusiastic about film making, so I was very excited to see this project through,” Mictian says of the new music video.

Ritual is a story that capitalises on loneliness post relationship breakdown. Visually, I wanted to tap into my sci-fi influences and create an other worldly mood.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Gary Mictian, and we’re looking forward to whatever he delivers next.

In the meantime, check out the new video for Ritual above.