Introducing the vintage pop sounds of Gary Mictian

Simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, Gary Mictian’s music isn’t quite like anything else currently making the rounds. The Auckland, New Zealand-based songwriter takes sounds of the past and breathes new life into them – creating something uniquely his own.

Journeying through his discography, you’ll be pulled in myriad directions. One moment you’ll be immersed in a shimmering, soul-laden pop tune, and the next you’ll be getting smacked in the face by a blues-driven rock number. His music never sits in one place for too long, but that is perhaps its most endearing quality.

On his new EP The Dream State, Auckland, New Zealand-based songwriter Gary Mictian traverses through various sonic landscapes to deliver something truly his own.

Earlier this month, Mictian released his debut EP The Dream State – a collection of six tracks that are based off a short story by the same name, also written by Mictian. The EP explores the “story of two lovers who experience a hard and fast relationship.

These themes are aurally conveyed by Mictian’s transient sounds. The Dream State moves quickly from one sonic space to another, roping you into a story that progresses through various emotions and levels of energy.

The Dream State is a story of intense and rapid love, that ends in a glamourized heartbreak,” Mitcian says of the EP.

I wrote it at a time I was discovering how diverse my musical influences could be and pieced it all together in a modern production.

By the time the EP’s lead single – and final track – Ritual reaches its conclusion, you’ll be completely captivated by Gary Mitcian’s vintage pop sounds. While these are still early days for this Auckland artist, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear where he takes us next.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to The Dream State EP above.

Catch Gary Mictian live at Whammy Bar in Auckland on November 29th for his EP launch show. More info here.