PREMIERE: Lost Woods bend their backs under the scorching Aussie sun in My Amazon

Adelaide five-piece Lost Woods have revealed a dazzling and fun new clip for their song, My Amazon.

My Amazon is a slice of snazzy, free-spirited indie pop that could easily soundtrack a coming-of-age movie. In the clip, we see the band having a good ol’ time amongst natural beauty rich and fair, as they bend their backs over gardens and plough dried leaves under the scorching Aussie sun.

Photo from Facebook

Lost Woods are five free spirits on My Amazon. Although they may have been apart for two years, the group still have a penchant for feel-good, guitar driven tunes guaranteed to bring on the better times.

The five-piece collaborated with video director Mickey Mason on the new clip, who has previously worked with artists like Neon Tetra and The Empty Threats.

The single also marks the first time the band got back together after their two guitarists spent some time in Melbourne.

But they don’t stop there. Right around the time you’d think that the band would be kicking their shoes off for the upcoming festive season and calling it a year, they are just getting started.

Lost Woods will be releasing a new single ahead of a new EP set to come out after the new year, along with a cheeky national tour.

Speaking of which, the band say that you can expect “A whole bunch of new songs, a bunch of great bands like Paper Sunsets, Hey Harriet and Colour Machine. A lot more vocal harmonies and generally a tighter, more concise set.

If you’re in Adelaide, show the lads some love and go to their Metro Hotel show on December 14- get tickets here.


My Amazon is out now.