Lost Woods on their beaut new single, and finally getting the band back together

Last week we helped Lost Woods drop My Amazon, a snazzy piece of indie pop that had us smiling ear to ear. Time and time again this band have proved their knack for producing feel-good guitar rock tunes, and by all accounts they aren’t going to stop.

As the love pours in for the new single and they prep to drop a hot new clip, we caught up with the band for a chat.

lost woods interview

Having worked at a distance from each other for some time, Lost Woods are back in town and ready to push their music further than ever.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

LOST WOODS: Things are great, I’m current eating a pot noodle and listening to the new Sloucher album in my lunch break, life’s pretty good.

HAPPY: You dropped your latest single My Amazon last week, how are you feeling about it now that’s it out?

LOST WOODS: It feels good, before you release a song you always feel a little apprehensive about the whole process. The fear is that people will think “what an absolute piece of shit!”, luckily the reception has been a bit better than that.

HAPPY: Is this a song you’ve been sitting on for a while, or one that’s relatively new?

LOST WOODS: It’s an older song that we never played because we could never get the arrangement to feel like a complete song. We ended up shelving it for a while. Pete, our singer, came back to it and added the middle section with the group vocals and kind of breathed new life into it. I think it turned out great.

HAPPY: What would you say you’ve learned since you dropped your EP in 2016, on a songwriting front?

LOST WOODS: Long distance makes it hard to complete songs hahaha! Our two guitarists moved to Melbourne for uni right when we released our last EP, while the rest of the band stayed in Adelaide. For two years, until the start of this year, we were writing songs via email and the occasional jam when we got together. Now we’re all in one state, things run a lot smoother! Our sound has developed in that time too, I think we’re more focused on texture and soundscape than we were on our last EP.

HAPPY: You’re about to drop a film clip too, yeah? Who did you work with on that?

LOST WOODS: We are! That’s dropping very very soon. We worked with a local Adelaide film maker Mickey Mason. He’s done clips for a bunch of great Adelaide bands like Neon Tetra, The Empty Threats and Stork. We gave him very little time to work with and he was so chilled and relaxed about the whole thing. He’s got a very uniquely weird style that I really love.

HAPPY: It’s only your second video to date. Have you found creating music videos challenging, or more fun?

LOST WOODS: They’re super fun! Coming up with a concept and visual that compliments your song is hard. Mickey really helped with that and his chilled demeanour made everything so easy. You just goof around all day and then you have a video at the end.

HAPPY: Have you been playing My Amazon live for a bit, or will the upcoming shows be its first time?

LOST WOODS: We’ve never played it live as it is on the recording, so this will be a debut of sorts. We’ve played it a few times in the past but it had a different arrangement and didn’t have all the extra vocals on it.

HAPPY: What else can we expect from those shows?

LOST WOODS: A whole bunch of new songs, a bunch of great bands like Paper Sunsets, Hey Harriet and Colour Machine. A lot more vocal harmonies and generally a tighter, more concise set.

HAPPY: And after the December gig, what’s next? Hang up the boots for the summer?

LOST WOODS: We’re back at it. We have another single recorded and ready for release in the new year and that’ll be followed by an EP. We’re going to head out on a national to support that too. We’re heading back into the studio in January to record a whole new batch of songs that we’ve been working on. Hopefully we’re busy in 2019.


If you’re an Adelaide local, catch Lost Woods launching My Amazon live at the following shows:

Friday, November 23 – The Crown and Sceptre, Adelaide
Friday, December 14 – The Metro, Adelaide