Genevieve Sovereign looks to the skies on new single ‘Midday Blue’

Transporting listeners to lofty airborne heights, Genevieve Sovereign concocts a heavenly soundscape of untouchable horizons with new single Midday Blue.  

Genevieve Sovereign has levitated among the heavens with her new single, Midday Blue. Coasting on the angelic tinkle of piano keys, the single is underpinned by ethereal electronics and the subtle strum of acoustic guitar. 

In between, Sovereign enlists the grandeur of regal-sounding strings and the glittering bell chime effects. It makes for an enrapturing soundscape that can only be described as heavenly, as Sovereign pairs the celestial sound with a glistening vocal performance. 

Genevieve Sovereign single 'Midday Blue'

Flitting between both lullaby-like delivery and ascendant harmonies, Sovereign sings of the majesty of nature, as inspired by the rolling forests of Canada and the wide-open expanses of Australia.

While there’s evocative mentions of natural beauties like “dusk clouds” and “distant haze,” Sovereign is most taken by the skies. Torn as if from the heavens themselves, the lyricism makes a muse out of the sky in all its sweeping glory.

From the “far horizons beyond me” to “expanding into midday blue,” Sovereign speaks of the skies with the same tenderness as a romance, with evocative storytelling placing listeners squarely in the atmospheric environs she describes. 

Pairing the sky-bound lyricism with production equally at home in the clouds, Sovereign delivers a soft-spoken ode to nature both in style and in substance. That her voice sounds like the whispers of an overseeing angel is just an added bonus. 

Genevieve Sovereign single 'Midday Blue'

The Australian musician is helped in her star-gazing efforts by guest pianist ​​Emily Saaen and acoustic guitarist Paul Wyer, whose work adds texture to Midday Blue’s distinctly celestial flair.

Midday Blue follows Present Dreams as the second single released by Sovereign this year, with her debut EP It’s yours. arriving in 2022. 

“I don’t think we ever stop creating really,” Sovereign told Happy Mag of the impetus behind her artistry. “Just simply by being, we are continually creating ourselves.” 

Listen to Genevieve Sovereign’s new single Midday Blue below.