Genevieve Sovereign enlists Ben Tenison for dreamy dance-pop single ‘Present Dreams’

Genevieve Sovereign and Ben Tenison deliver the sonic equivalent of a breath of fresh air on new single Present Dreams.  

Genevieve Sovereign has tapped Ben Tenison for Present Dreams, a dreamy dance-pop single that marks the pair’s third collaborative effort. Opening with fizzling synths and twinkling piano keys, Present Dreams forefronts Sovereign’s ephemeral vocals before crescendoing into a quirky, glitch-like EDM chorus.

You’ve danced to electro-pop before, but never quite like you will with Present Dreams. Anchored by Tenison’s complex rhythms and flair for kooky instrumental flourishes, Present Dreams is an exercise in pop escapism, with ambient production and vocals so airy they might touch the clouds. 

Genevieve Sovereign single 'Present Dreams'

Adding to the complexity, Sovereign infuses vivid imagery into her lyrics, singing poetically of sun-cracked asphalt and broken shackles. 

There’s a dreamlike quality to Present Dreams, both in Sovereign’s theatrical vocal delivery and in the tinkling production. On first listen, one might presume the single was borne from a particularly blissful daydream, but the intricacy of Tenison’s contribution means that Present Dreams is far from simplistic. Add in the masterful engineering of Deece and you’ve got a dance-pop trio for the ages.      

Serving a powerful yet eccentric performance reminiscent of Bjork or Lily Allen, Sovereign squeezes thoughtful reflections on freedom and truth into an ostensibly radio-ready pop song, with Tenison’s spacey production completing the package. Delivering the sonic equivalent of a breath of fresh air, the duo add to an already stellar string of collaborative releases in recent months. 

Genevieve Sovereign single 'Present Dreams'

Present Dreams arrives fresh off the heels of Sovereign’s previous Tenison team-ups, having released Vibration Angle and Life Soaked Reveal late last year. For her part, Sovereign shared her debut EP It’s yours. last March, and is gearing up for the release of forthcoming single Midday Blue later this year. 

Until then, treat yourself to the sonic bliss that is Genevieve Sovereign and Ben Tenison’s new single, Present Dreams.