Chloe Gill loses control on ascendent new single ‘Circulated Fantasies’

“This is one of the most emotional tracks I have ever written,” Chloe Gill said of her new single Circulated Fantasies. 

Chloe Gill has released her latest single, an acoustic guitar-driven ballad titled Circulated Fantasies. Opening with nostalgic strums and subtle percussion, the single rightfully forefronts Gill’s powerhouse vocal delivery, which wraps around syllables with uniquely enchanting effect.

Amid the twinkle of airy backing synths, the Newcastle musician sings of relinquishing control and “coil[ing] myself into a ball of hurt.” 

Chloe Gill single 'Circulated Fantasies'

The instrumentation of Circulated Fantasies swells towards the track’s bridge, which again showcases Gill’s vocals for an anthemic final chorus. The single is anchored by ear-catching percussive flairs, with Gill’s drummer Brad Rheineberger peppering Circulated Fantasies with clicks, stomps and clapping sound effects. 

Such textured production also comes courtesy of producer Jack Nigro, who has elsewhere collaborated with the likes of DMA’s, Middle Kids, Skegss and Dune Rats, among many others. It’s a collaborative effort that pays off, with Gill possessing a clear vision of her artistry that extends to the triumphant energy of Circulated Fantasies. 

The feat is doubly impressive given that Gill played and tracked most of the song’s instrumental aspects herself. Speaking of Circulated Fantasies in a press statement, Gill said it is “one of the most emotional and most ME tracks I have ever written.” 

Chloe Gill single 'Circulated Fantasies'

The singer-songwriter continued: “Circulated emerged from the frustrations of feeling overly controlled and losing what control I did have left… [which] was nicely juxtaposed by this creative Fantasy I was also thriving in as I was beginning to write almost everyday.” The single was written in 2021, and will be accompanied by an official music video set for release on May 28. 

Chloe Gill single 'Circulated Fantasies'

Circulated Fantasies marks Gill’s second solo single, following on from the release of her debut effort Die Alone last year. Circulated Fantasies is expected to form part of Gill’s forthcoming debut EP, which is currently halfway through its recording process. In the meantime, you can listen to Chloe Gill’s new single Circulated Fantasies below.