Family Shoveller Band switch into holiday mode on new single ‘Island Breeze’

Kick your feet up and coast on the reggae groove that is Family Shoveller Band’s sun-soaked new single Island Breeze. 

Family Shoveller Band have released their new single Island Breeze. The sonic equivalent of switching into holiday mode, the single coasts by on a blissful reggae groove, as punctuated by the sporadic percussion of Francis Shoveller and the enchanting lead vocals of ​​Billy-Jo Shoveller.

Painting a picturesque vignette of a coastal escape, Billy-Jo sings of crystal clear waters, campfires and white sand beaches. “If you want to know where you can find me,” he croons, “somewhere on an island I’ll be unwinding.” 

Family Shoveller Band 'Island Breeze'

Such pristine vibes can only be achieved through a collective effort, with guitarists Billy-Jo and Frank Shoveller later introducing an electric guitar sequence that enlivens the production. Petha Shoveller’s keys, percussion and backing vocals, alongside Jordan Wright’s bass provides a steady throughline for Island Breeze, until the entire track feels like an exercise in vacationing. 

Equal parts reggae and fuzzy surf rock, Island Breeze is every bit as resplendent as its title suggests. Best paired with a beachside beverage, the unhurried single pays homage to Family Shoveller Band’s home country, with the result reading like a love letter to the nostalgia of one’s hometown.

Speaking of Island Breeze in a press statement, Family Shoveller band described the track as a “love song that sings about home country, blue water reef [and] campfires, and sharing it with someone you love.” Like any great song, Island Breeze — which was recorded at the band’s home studio and mixed by James Newhouse — is evidence of a band with a rich and storied history. 

Family Shoveller Band 'Island Breeze'

Comprised of proud Karajarri family members, Family Shoveller Band were introduced to music at a young age, and quickly took up the passion from their own backyard in the remote community of Bidyadnga. Since then, the group has released three studio albums, the last of — titled Cheerio Baby — arrived in 2019. 

Island Breeze follows Kimberley Time, Blind Man and Muntarurru as the fourth single to be released by Family Shoveller Band this year. Listen to Family Shoveller Band’s new single Island Breeze below via the bands facebook page below.