An Australian university is offering a PhD scholarship in heavy metal music

If you consider yourself a fan of Black Sabbath or Metallica, you now have the opportunity to grab yourself a PhD scholarship at the University of Newcastle to research all about heavy metal music.

The university has announced this new scholarship, Heavy Metal Geographies, will involve delving into the culture of heavy metal music.

Photo: Dani Hansen

“Certainly, when I was a PhD student, I would have loved for someone to tell me that studying about metal is a legitimate academic pursuit,” said Professor Simon Springer, Director of Human Geography University of Newcastle.

The scholarship is worth just under 28 thousand dollars and is being offered to either two domestic students or one international student.

Heavy Metal Geographies course description reads: “Australia is uniquely positioned within this global evolution, owing to its historical connection to the United Kingdom and shared cultural affinities with its colonial originator. While remote from the geographical heart of Heavy Metal culture, Australia has developed its own unique and passionate approach, producing a number of high profile bands.”

Professor Springer feels the opportunities to study this niche area is underfunded so he hopes the scholarship will discover potential enthusiasm that will enable further discovery about the geography of the heavy metal industry.

To apply for the scholarship grant you must have a minimum BA Honours in Geography or a related field and you can find out more on Professor Springer’s website here.