George Maple unveils Enmore Theatre supports and shares a brand new single

George Maple has released an on-demand version of her award-winning performance film MYTH, announced her supports for an Enmore Theatre show, and dropped a new single.

It’s safe to say that the Australian-born, LA-based George Maple has been incredibly busy. The multi-talented artist and storyteller is releasing quality creative content rapidly, ranging from a hyperreal performance extravaganza to a brand new single. She’s also put together an inspiring ensemble of supports for her upcoming Enmore Theatre show.

Let’s cover the multi-media world of George Maple and how to access all this creative goodness.

George Maple

MYTH, now on-demand

MYTH was George Maple’s sophomore album – but it was also so much more than that. It was a 24-minute hyperreal live performance film that premiered at the Sydney Opera House in 2020. It was filmed on a customised digital stage, with a 360 degree camera.

It was the winner of Best Art Film at the Los Angeles New Media Film Festival. It was a heartfelt tale of intimate lovers Luna and Sol, born into a genetically engineered society. It intertwined dance, music, theatre, fashion, and performance in a compelling, evocative story, all created by Maple and her team.

At long last, the much-discussed film is available to watch worldwide. You can purchase or rent MYTH on Vimeo right here.

New single, Demise

Be sure to also indulge yourself in Maple’s newest single, Demise. The artist describes the track as “the moment just before a significant breakthrough, healing and change. The realisation that a negative cycle has to end”.

Demise continues the MYTH narrative, sung from the perspective of protagonist Luna. Demise is a masterstroke execution and release, boasting a wet synth breakdown of pure, unbridled energy.

Listen to Demise below:

Enmore Theatre show

George Maple is performing live once again at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre next Friday, June 18th. Not only that, but Maple has assembled a stellar group of artists to support, ensuring a wild night. There’s Tasmanian duo Sumner, whose latest offering Stranded quickly found a spot in triple j’s regular rotation.

There’s also Willo and Heaps Gay DJs, to kick off the good vibes.

Scoop up the remaining tickets for George Maple & Friends at Enmore Theatre here.

Friday 18 June
Enmore Theatre, Sydney