Georgia James speaks on 90s grunge, toxic relationships and single ‘On Top’

For Brisbane’s Georgia James, dark subject matter and seductive energy come naturally. The evidence? Her latest track, On Top.

On Top, the second single from emerging pop-rocker Georgia James, had us playing air guitar and singing in the mirror. Her melodic sensibilities and powerful voice just felt destined for crunchy guitar anthems and brooding lyricism.

We got the chance to catch up with James and talk about the influences behind her signature sound.

Georgia James

HAPPY: Hey Georgia! Where do you find yourself today?

Georgia: Working at my day job as an Account Manager at an email marketing agency in Brisbane.

HAPPY: Congrats on releasing On Top! tell us a bit about this track

Georgia: On Top is all about being stuck in a toxic relationship that you know is bad for you but you can’t seem to give it up, kind of like an addiction. We’ve all been there haven’t we? My advice is to turn it up loud and belt those lyrics, it’ll be therapeutic I promise!

HAPPY: This track has a more grungy pop feel than your debut single Start A War.. what made you have a change in sound?

Georgia: I really love 90s grunge and I think On Top is representative of the direction I want to head in with my music in the future. I also think it is more representative of who I am as an artist, so it was less of a decision I made and more of a natural progression.

HAPPY: What would be the ideal setting/situation to listen to On Top?

Georgia: I think anyone who is stuck in a shitty relationship should jump in the car right now, turn up On Top and drive. It’s definitely a pick-me-up when you’re pissed off.

HAPPY: Does the tune come first for you or the lyrics?

Georgia: The music always comes first and it often takes me a little while to find the right words to pair with it. But with On Top, both the chords and the lyrics of the chorus just came out, they were right there. I was just fiddling around with my guitar one Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden I was like, yep that’s it. The rest of the song just flooded out from there.

HAPPY: Who were your sonic influences for the track?

Georgia: I’d say probably Garbage and The Cranberries were at the forefront of my mind at the time.

HAPPY: What can we expect in your future musicwise?

Georgia: Definitely more tracks with the same darker, sexier energy as On Top. It’s a lot of fun.

HAPPY: What advice would you have for artists starting out their music career?

Georgia: Just get out there and do it! I let my stage fright interfere with my music career for far too long.

HAPPY: Cheers Georgia!

Interview by Jasmine Kassis

Listen to On Top below: