Non-male artists that Australian listeners need to get hip to: A playlist by Georgia Mulligan

Later this month, one of our favourite Aussie singer-songwriters Georgia Mulligan will be taking to the stage at our NZ Week Party. We’re pretty bloody excited.

Mulligan crafts some of the most beautifully melancholic songs we’ve come across, and we’re chomping at the bit to hear them played live again.

But before then, we caught up with Mulligan for a run-down on all the great non-male artists that we should be keeping an eye on… and you should be too!

Ahead of her performance at our NZ Week Party later this month, Georgia Mulligan has shared an incredible list of artists that you should definitely be paying attention to.

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

Great lead guitar lines and sparse production, with lyrics that will burn your face off. Soccer Mommy is getting real big in the States and will no doubt be back here and playing real big shows some time soon.

Hand Habits – Flower Glass

I discovered Meg Duffy through her work as lead guitarist with Kevin Morby’s touring band. The connection helped her release her solo project on Woodsist. She holds her own as a songwriter and creates a beautiful melancholic atmosphere with this album.

Moreton – Johana

Was already a fan of this EP when I met Georgia from Moreton a few months ago, at her show in Sydney. This song is raw and echoey and huge and I like it a lot.

Lomelda – Interstate Vision

Lomelda has been one of my favourite US artists for a couple of years. Love the slightly eccentric yet comforting rhythm of this song and Hannah’s unique vocals.

Sarah Mary Chadwick – Five Months

SMC is one of my top antipodean songwriters of all time. Her work is so truthful and so brutal, and unexpectedly catchy.

Molly Burch – To The Boys

This new single from Molly Burch’s new album is a “fuck you” wrapped in a delightfully produced vintage pop dream.

I don’t need to yell to know that I’m the boss. That is my choice, and this is my voice. You can tell that to the boys” – MB.

Two Steps On The Water – My Medusa

From their amazing 2016 record, God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye. Raw and beautiful songwriting that cuts right to the core.

I’d love to be invisible to everyone but a few” – TSOTW.

Hannah Cameron – No Pen of Mine

Hannah Cameron is the real thing – I saw her play in Sydney a few weeks ago and it was so good to see these beautifully crafted folk songs played with such skill and authenticity.

Roadhouses – Drinkin’

Yvonne’s voice is like a smooth soy latte on a windy Marrickville morn.

Lady Lamb – Heaven Bent

Lady Lamb is (IMHO) super underrated. She’s a sick guitarist and from my internet stalking she seems like a top person. She also has a lot of feelings that she channels into big, fat, satisfying choruses with layered production that echo long after the songs are done.

Adrianne Lenker – Cradle

Not many words are needed to describe Adrianne’s solo project. Everything you need is right there in the listening, fully formed and nourishing.

Listen to the playlist above, and catch Georgia Mulligan live at our NZ Week Party on Saturday September 29th at The Lady Hampshire. More info here.