German conspiracy group found responsible for anti-lockdown protests

German-based political group, Worldwide Demonstration has been held responsible for driving the anti-lockdown protest last weekend.

The protest, dubbed ‘freedom rallies’, sparked widespread controversy and made international headlines, due to their violent, chaotic nature and the high risk involved surrounding NSW’s uncontrolled Delta strand outbreak.

The protest intended to resist the imposed lockdown that has steadily been extended over the last month or so, with many expressing frustration at the lack of funding for businesses being left in the dark as a result.

freedom rally
Image: Herald Sun

Overall, government handouts for businesses affected by the lockdown and Covid-19 are significantly lower than those offered a year ago.

The rallies that took place last weekend are now believed to have been motivated and assisted by the German-based group Worldwide Demonstration, which has helped coordinate protests around the world, including several Australian cities.

The group has a viral social media following, with 45,000 Facebook followers at the time of writing, and 70,000 Telegram subscribers on its main accounts.

Even further accounts are set up for individual countries so that the overall following would be significantly larger.

The group has been identified as German-based, by two individuals who call themselves “Freie Bürger Kassel”, meaning Free Citizens of Kassel.

Kassel is a city in Central Germany.

There is also a third individual who runs the group from the UK.

Information about Saturday’s protests in Australia began appearing on the group’s main Telegram account one month prior, on June 26.

This information, which came in the form of social media posts, was seen by more than 20,000 people.

This eerily recalls the news we broke not too long ago that the FBI was apparently warned over 50 times about the approaching attack on the US Capitol.

It seems like governments could really afford to take social media groups more seriously, especially in their intelligence departments.