Get around a disgustingly well-curated gig this December, as Tinsmith and three other locals party down for Bedroom Heroes

Sydney mates, get on board. Local collective Bedroom Heroes are putting on a killer gig away from the hustle bustle of the city life at the start of December, right as you start winding the year down and seeking good vibes wherever you can.

Spearheaded by alt-rock outfit Tinsmith, the event promises something a little bit different. You can bring your own booze, it will be held at a private venue, and it’s local bands only, a celebration of the talent hidden within the bustling Sydney scene.

Photo by Stephanie Chiu

If you’re sick of the same old story, Tinsmith’s one-off gig might be for you. The intimate, BYO event will be a gig like no other, and you’re invited.

The venue will be nice and easy to get to, sitting comfortably next to Sydenham station, and with plenty of parking if you plan on going with a designated driver. $10 will get you in the door, and the right to bring your own drinks.

Tinsmith will be joined by Maia Marsh, Yours Truly and Aurora Motel. A finely picked local selection, they’re a set of bands you’ll want to hear about before your friends do, we guarantee it.

Find out all the gig details on the Facebook event, and head here to grab your tickets.