Get behind the scenes with the Halo Infinite audio team

Halo and Xbox have gone together like bangers and mash throughout their lives. With the impending release of the Xbox Series X later this year, Halo Infinite is also going to be along for the ride. With the new console comes a new set of mouthwatering specs and capacity for reproducing sounds with unprecedented realism. But how do they do it?

The team from 343 Industries has released a video that shows us how some of these sounds are recorded in the field. It turns out that the methods are pretty old school: just plug in some microphones and point them at things. But the ‘things’ in question don’t come along every day.Halo Infinite

Supercars, choppers, fighter jets and machines that you can’t even identify: it’s all going into the sound design of Halo Infinite and we’re excited.

343 Industries’ audio team descended on a desert and brought some sweet toys along for the ride. They list some of the sounds in the video’s description:

In this field recording compilation, experience the distinctive sounds of an SUV off the beaten path, El Camino, custom V6 Buggy, helicopter, jet, and even a tractor from 1918.”

By creating a mix of sound sources—with microphones placed on and inside the vehicles, boom operators following their path, plus stereo arrays to capture horizontal movement—you can become fully immersed in the Halo Infinite world.

Check out the video below and definitely wear headphones.