Get Out Your Head and into Alexander Mills’ buoyant new single

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for today’s release of Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Alexander Mills’ new single, Get Out Your Head—A silky, sensationalised comment on being present and non-prejudiced. Prepare yourself for two and a half minutes of folky, meditative pop.

Sweeping and harmonious vocals lift upwards from the nimble guitar work throughout this short and sweetly disposed track. The real hero ringing through is the lyrical simplicity and the contrasting sharp subtext.

Beachy and buoyant, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Alexander Mills’ new single Get Out Your Head is two-and-a-half-minutes of folky, meditative pop.

In many societies, women have strict moral conducts by which they are expected to live, and those rules dictate everything from their bodies to sex to relationships to how they dress,” Mills says. Get Out Your Head aims to shake those conservative notions and yield optimism, equality and freedom.

Beachy and buoyant, it’s not surprising to learn Alex was born and raised in Barbados. You can very much imagine the acoustic, out-on-the-veranda jam sesh perspective the song was derived from.

And yet since moving to Australia, Alex has had to tackle the songwriting process from his apartment. That is when the car studio was born. “I was trying to find a way to write and rehearse without bothering the other tenants and feeling like I had to whisper.

Decked out with a laptop, pedals and some microphones, the car studio afforded post-gig-late-night privacy and the kind of frivolity Alex is singing about in Get Out Your Head.

It’s this DIY gusto that’s transcended Alexander Mills into a refined writer and entertainer, having worked with the likes of Grammy-winning producers such as Neal Cappelino and Chris Allman.

The cacophony of bright, jaunty sounds of Get Our Your Head are sure to get stuck in your head. And you’re absolutely welcome.

Get Out Your Head is available now through Claudia eRecords.

Alexander Mills will be launching the new single tonight at Finn McCool’s in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. More info here.