Get ready to bliss out to the simply stunning likes of Jordy Maxwell

Get ready to feel the pull of love, loss, and recovery all at once with Jordy Maxwell’s stunningly stripped back release, Blue Eyes.

Hailing from the beautiful coastal regions of Western Australia, Jordy Maxwell seems to encapsulate everything it means to truly express oneself in the rawest and most authentic way.

Pairing his beautifully soulful vocals with heartfelt and honest lyrics, Jordy Maxwell’s Blue Eyes will resonate with anyone who has felt the bittersweet catharsis of heartbreak.

Jordy reflected upon his inspiration for Blue Eyes as his choice to exchange the anger and bitterness that can come with heartbreak, with his own introspection and growth.

“Blue Eyes stemmed from a feeling of missing out. A dream of mine was to always travel and live by the ocean and to share that with someone very close to me. Unfortunately, the reality of that had faded as we went our separate ways and after a year of not knowing where she was or what she was doing, a friend told me she lived on the other side of Australia in a coastal town.”

“Instead of being jealous, my initial reaction was happiness that she had the guts to pick up her things and move, travel, find peace by the Ocean. As I wrote the song, it became apparent, that this was something she always wanted to do with or without me.”

After gracing the world with his gorgeous stripped back acoustic track Blue Eyes, Jordy released his first EP Honest, which made everyone lucky enough to listen feel the utterly magnetic pull of his artistry.

Unbelievably, Jordy Maxwell only began to write and perform at the age of 27. Despite being a late bloomer in the industry, he has the ability to evoke any emotion in an instant with his inimitable talent for raw expression.

“Jordy can hold an audience with his mix of raw emotion and light-hearted humour to accompany his endearing performances. He will hit all the feels and have you laughing, crying and sometimes even dancing by the end.”

Take a listen to the full track below!

As well as providing the perfect soundtrack for just blissing out to some chilled, acoustic tunes, Jordy Maxwell has just announced his collaboration with internationally inspired beat-makers, Tijuana Cartel.

Jordy’s Blue Eyes (Tijuana Cartel Remix) will be released on October 15th, on all online platforms.