Get the party started with Hermitude and Dark Night Sweet Light

Let’s get serious for a minute guys, you might need a minute or two to take this in… Hermitude have just dropped their new album Dark Night Sweet Light! It’s been been brewing for the last two years and it’s absolutely insane! Sydney boys Luke Dubs and Elgusto have been a bit quiet since the release of HyperParadise in 2012, but after listening to their new record, all is forgiven.

Hermitude review

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to blow the roof of your bangin’ house party this weekend? Hermitude and Dark Night Sweet Light have got you covered.

Dark Night Sweet Light is an eclectic collection of fast, heavy, mellow, deep electronic and hip-hop beats, with a few sneaky funk and jazz sounds thrown in to the mix. It’s a bit of a mind fuck listening to it actually, a good one though. In a recent chat the boys had with Happy they expressed their fondness of writing bold melodies that will stick with people’s heads, and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered. Each track has such a distinct sound and they all really pack a punch. Some of the tracks are quite simple and stripped back, but the sounds they produce are so interesting and cool that there is no need for anything more complex.

Through The Roof (ft. Young Tapz) has been doing the rounds on the radio for a few months now and it’s pure electro dance, if you haven’t heard it then I don’t know what you’ve been doing. It actually takes influence from an illegal warehouse rave the guys went to, and that’s totally the vibe the track gives off (not trying to endorse illegal activity or anything). It’s such a fun and buoyant song that it has quite a different sound to a lot of their earlier work, but at the same time it still has that distinct Hermitude sound.

The Buzz (ft. Mataya and Young Tapz) is the second single to be released off Dark Night Sweet Light and has also been buzzing around the radio lately. This track is much more mellow than Through The Roof, but is just as magical. It starts off super chilled with a couple beats and some peaceful vocals, then after about a minute the beat kicks in to gear and the song’s mood is instantly lifted. The track then shifts between the mellow and heavier beats, it would definitely fit in perfectly at a tripped out house party.

Tracks like Metropolis and Heavy Love (ft. Chloe Kaul) throw down some really airy and cheery sounds, while songs like Hyjinx and Searchlight (ft. Yeo) just jump out of the speakers with heavy and powerful beats. There is a great mix of diverse sounds on the album, showing how versatile they guys’ ability is.

Dark Night Sweet Light has such a fun and uplifting energy, and is the perfect evolution from HyerpParadise. Hermitude has a bunch of shows coming up in Australia, New Zealand and North America, so if you like music, and if you like to have fun, you should probably just get tickets and go.