Getting frisky with All My Alien Sex Friends

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Have you ever wondered what Louis C.K would be like if he fronted a punk band? Tantalises the mind doesn’t it? Luckily for us all, such a musician already exists. Say hello to Dave ‘Skinny’ Noble, a prolific Sydney muso who blends his dark wit with tones of punk and dirty pop as All My Alien Sex Friends.

Aside from having one of the best names in the music biz (like Eagles of Death Metal good) All My Alien Sex Friends have a great way of framing their offbeat world views through some abstract, and rather hilarious metaphors. We had a choice chat with Dave ahead of his appearance at War on Jugs this weekend.

All My Alien Sex Friends War on Jugs

Dave ‘Skinny’ Noble of All My Alien Sex Friends discusses his preferred extra terrestrial sexual partners and his unique brand of punk music.

HAPPY: All My Alien Sex Friends has to be one of the most bold punk bands in Australia, the ‘no fucks given’ attitude feels genuine. Does it all stem from you personally?

DAVE: ‘All my alien sex friends’ came to me whilst under the influence of mushrooms. The name to me feels genuine but it is merely a description that can make people laugh and if people’s first reaction to my work is laughter then I’m happy.

HAPPY: Given the bluntness (read, awesome bluntness) of your music and the absurdist nature of it all do you ever worry you will be perceived as only a joke by others?

DAVE: No. I think once people see a show or hear the record they’ll realise that there is two sides to AMASF, the music and lyrics. The way I’m influenced musically compared to the way I’m influenced lyrically are two completely separate things. Musically I draw from the Pixies, Violent Soho and the Beatles. Lyrically I’m influenced by Anthony Jeselnik, Louis C.K. and Bill Hicks.

HAPPY: You’re also involved in another band Devvo Times, what does that project open up for you as an artist?

DAVE: Devvo Times is nothing but another avenue for me to express myself.

HAPPY: If you had to have sex with any of these fictional aliens, who would it be and why? ALF or E.T?

DAVE: ALF, only because he would have sex with me.

HAPPY: So we always write about stuff that makes us happy, so we want to know what makes you guys happy?

DAVE: Music, weed and cheese.

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