Ghetts flaunts versatility on Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament

Having been a fixture in the global grime scene for nearly a decade, East London artist Ghetts crafts story-driven grime tracks with the maturity you’d expect from a songwriter now in his thirties.

While the songs on his latest album Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament feel consistently refined and well thought-out, they never sacrifice the energy and vibrance that made his seminal Rebel With A Cause so special.

On his new album Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament, East London rapper Ghetts develops a maturity in his sound, while never sacrificing the colour and vibrance of his debut.

As he explores themes of racism, faith and illness, Ghetts travels to the borders of what grime music is capable of. It’s simultaneously exciting and hard-hitting; an album that will pull you in and leave you hanging on each word.

With his strange concoction of sinister, trap beats, string arrangements, airy piano lines, and ethereal synths, Ghetts pieces together boundless soundscapes that float around his vitriolic vocal delivery.

Across the album’s huge seventeen track duration, the rapper pulls in myriad directions. He bounces between conflict and confidence with vivid, colourful lyricism. It’s completely captivating.

Overall, Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament is a testament to Ghetts’ versatility and innovation. In a year of brilliant grime releases, this easily holds up as one of the best.

Do yourself a favour and listen above.