Girli reigns supreme with sophomore album Matriarchy

London born pop provocateur Girli is about more than just stunning artistry: she’s shining a light on all things shied away from

Milly Toomey AKA Girli is rightfully claiming the throne over her own existence, and revelling in the ensuing power. Thrumming with feminine and queer authority, Girli’s sophomore record solidifies her as an artistic heroine.

‘Matriarchy’ is a title full of meaning; one queer woman in love with another, queendom over one’s life and revolution to return power to its rightful owners. The 14 track album is a collective, an exploration of all of the above and then some.

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The album opens with the glittery synth-pop track ‘Be With Me,’ a song about choosing to date yourself because it’s just so much easier. ‘Nothing Hurts Like A Girl,’ a single and rightly so, is anthemic and showcases Girli’s glib power and authenticity. This Muna-esque track is hot, heavy and beautifully queer.

‘Overthinking’ channels Fletcher in melody and ominous production, towing the line between unease and sensuality. ‘Tokyo’ offers a different side of Girli. Softer, yet still utterly compelling, we see Girli at possibly her most introspective. ‘Lose My Cool’ is gritty and dangerous, though still ripe with vulnerability.

‘Her Too’ is thrilling, fast-paced and full of specificity. ‘Crush Me Up’ is a nostalgic for late 2000s synth-pop, though with a glossy finish and a delectable queer touch. ‘Out Of Breath’ is buoyant and dramatic, a plush wall of sound.

‘Made To Break’ is earnest and reflective, full of memorable and clever lyricism atop cloud-like production. ‘Kind Of Stuck’ is cheerfully falling apart, shimmering with sarcasm laced with honest, painful admissions. ‘Feel My Feelings’ oozes modernity, while Poser leans into a hyper-pop sphere riddled with insecurites.

The title track – and the thesis of Girli – is more than just a queer anthem. ‘We fuck to fuck the patriarchy,’ intensely unapologetic and blazing with sapphic imagery. It’s impossible not to envision a room full of queer fans screaming this song back at Girli. The album closes with the laid-back ‘Happier Her.’ A somewhat perfect ending, a mix of acceptance and searching for newness amongst radical self-love and self-acceptance.

‘Matriarchy’ is a game changer. For those how didn’t already know who Girli was and what she’s all about, this album makes her even more impossible to ignore – and why would you ever want to? 14 songs feels like just enough, maybe even with room for a little more. Girli is about to erupt, and it’s not something to be missed.