Girls driving dangerously and boys getting beaten up. The 4 best music clips of the week

Spring is well and truly underway, the sun melting away all the chilly bitterness that had the entire country crying in unison “Fuck, it’s cold!“. As we all prepare for a weekend of boozing, good times and gigs, we should look back at some of the best things to come across our screens this week. Politics, kidnappings and bike riding, these are some of our favourite music videos of the week.

4 videos you have to see this week

Learning to ride on two wheels or getting dragged through the mud by four, here are the 4 best music clips from the week.

Lontalius – All I Wanna Say

Let’s kick things off with the cutest clip on the list. It’s just one guy teaching his mate how to ride a bike in the early hours of the morning. It’s intimate and beautiful in a way that will catch you off guard.

Gilligan Moss – Ceremonial

From sweet to downright terrifying we have Ceremonial from Gilligan Moss. Have you ever been one of those people too shy to get on the dance floor, only to have your mates drag you on there. This clip takes that concept literally and dials up the intensity a few notches.

Mini Mansions – Mirror Mountain

Bad girls driving dangerously.

L-Fresh the Lion – Get Mine

To put it simply, this song is a fucking beast. Built on frustration but preaching peace, Get Mine is a force to be reckoned with.